Special Selection Wedding and Engagement

Special Selection Wedding and Engagement

The most beautiful day of your life deserves the most beautiful jewelry.

Discover our selection of engagement rings and wedding rings. A refined ring, a solitaire or a more unique ring, the possibilities are multiple.

AUBERI offers you a wide selection of rings for women and men to seal your love.
Whether you are looking for a ring in white gold, pink gold, yellow gold or set with diamond: we will accompany you on this very special day.

Special Selection Wedding and Engagement

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

AUBERI accompanies you for the most beautiful day of your life with a selection of engagement rings for your other half

Generally, the engagement ring is chosen by the future spouse. VS It's not an easy choice for a spouse to find the ideal ring to propose to their other half. The mission is complicated by the wide choice available to you. Gold color, diamond set, solitaire, classic style ring or more unique ring: there is something to get lost in.

The AUBERI teams are there to support you in your choice by listening to your wishes and providing you with their valuable expertise.


The ring of a lifetime

The wedding ring is the ring that symbolizes the union and eternal love between two beings.

Wedding rings are certainly the most precious jewelry in your life. They will accompany you in your daily life with your other half and allow you to say yes to each other. It is therefore an important choice, which is generally made by two people.

At AUBERI, we offer you a wide selection of wedding rings with different characteristics.
From a simple ring in white or yellow gold, to a wedding ring set with sparkling diamonds: we offer you the choice.


Wedding anniversary gift

Happy Diamonds

Happy Diamonds

Serti Sur Vide

Serti Sur Vide

Tank de Cartier

Tank de Cartier

35,400 €

AUBERI Advices

On which finger to wear the engagement ring?

The engagement ring and wedding ring are worn on the left ring finger. This tradition comes from a legend dating back to Ancient Egypt according to which this finger is directly connected to the heart by a vein.

Should we wear the wedding ring and the engagement ring at the same time?

According to tradition, it is customary to wear your wedding ring and your engagement ring on the same finger, the left ring finger. Regarding the order, there are several theories. Some say that the engagement ring should be first on the finger and the wedding ring should be on top of that. Others believe that the wedding ring should be worn on the finger first to be closer to the heart. So make the choice that suits you best.

How to choose the perfect alloy for your wedding ring?

There are no rules about the alloy of your wedding ring. We advise you to choose what you are already used to wearing in everyday jewelry. It's better to stay with a safe bet that you know won't bore you. If you have always worn yellow gold, stick with this alloy for your wedding ring. This ring is meant to stay on your finger for the rest of your life, so don't take any chances.

Should both spouses’ wedding rings be identical?

Again there are no rules. You can match your wedding rings if you can agree on your desires. However, it is very important that your wedding ring pleases you personally and that you are sure that you will not get tired of it. This is why we advise you to follow your desires even if it means not having matching wedding rings.