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For almost half a century, TUDOR has marked the history of chronographs with products of strong identity, unique style and uncompromising quality. By measuring achievement, inspiring passion, improving its products and offering models that are both in tune with the times, but always with a strong sense of identity, TUDOR has carved out a special place for itself in the field of sports chronographs.

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Dive into the heart of Pelagos FXD

Dive into the heart of Pelagos FXD

Since the 1950s, when TUDOR created one of the first modern professional diving watches, the brand has been an official supplier to the French Navy. With the Pelagos FXD model, where FXD refers to the watch case's extremely robust fixed bars, TUDOR is renewing this historic collaboration.


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Exceptional Men's Watches by the creator of Rolex

Tudor is a Swiss watch brand founded in 1926 by Hans Wilsdorf, creator of Rolex. The original idea was to create a brand more affordable than its big sister Rolex, without sacrificing quality.

With its heritage of craftsmanship and exceptional technical know-how, the Tudor brand has stood the test of time. 

It sets itself apart with bold, sporty models that delight collectors and watch enthusiasts alike.

The Tudor diving watch for men

In 1958, the French Navy began a historic collaboration with the brand's diving watches 

In 2019, Tudor takes up a project codenamed "Commando": the Tudor Black Bay P01 is born. Part dive watch, part sailing watch, it reflects the spirit of exploration.
In 2020, the brand presents a new version of its diving model: the Black Bay Fifty Eight with a Navy Blue dial.

Tudor offers multiple collections to suit all tastes: from the Black Bay Chrono, masculine and sporty, to the classic and elegant Tudor Royal
The brand offers men's watches that are sporty, assertive and full of character. But also mixed watches or elegant, élégantes, classic and timeless women's watches.

Modern, sophisticated designs for men

Models with dials in a wide range of colors: midnight blue, deep green, silver. Steel cases from acier 32mm to 41mm. 

The company also offers more urban models withleather bracelets or fabric bracelets , such as the Tudor Ranger. But its dynasty and technical heritage don't keep it away from diving or sports watches like the Black Bay Chrono

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